Reasons for common errors reported by Google developers [OR_PMCR_32] [OR-CCSEH-05] [OR_MIVEM_02] [OR-CCSEH-26] is a site that focuses on Google Play developer information and knowledge. In the past, when you paid the US$25 registration fee to open a Google Play developer account, you would often get an error message and be unable to pay, but now this situation has become more frequent. .

In the last step of developer registration, be prepared to pay $25. Common mistakes are as follows:

Your transaction cant be completed. Learn more.[OR_PMCR_32],

The picture language is Chinese

Your request failed. Ensure your payment method info is correct or add a new payment method to your Google Account. Learn more [OR-CCSEH-05]

The picture language is Chinese

Correct this card info or try a different card. [OR_MIVEM_02]

The picture language is Chinese

Your card’s issuer declined this request. Contact your bank or use a different payment method. Learn more [OR-CCSEH-26]

Arabic Tip: Your card issuer declined this request. Please contact your bank or use another payment method. Learn more [OR-CCSEH-26]

Below we will analyze and answer these frequently asked questions. The remaining articles require payment to read. If necessary, please switch the language to Chinese in the lower left corner of the webpage. After paying, you can read the full text, or click on the link below to pay to read.

人工付费咨询是一个非常公平的模式,原则上采取不成功不收费、没效果不收费!对于没有把握解决的问题/或很小的问题导致用户明显不会付费的因素,人工微信可能会采取静默(冷处理)的方式。 我们任何人去医院看医生,无论最后治疗不治疗/有没有治疗效果,都是需要付费挂号甚至是付费检查。有些甚至花钱治疗了都效果不明显,为了保证公平、公正的交易,这边没有把握的问题、或不想接待的问题,默认也可能不回复受理。

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