Your developer account has been removed from Google Play Your organization’s name or address cannot be verified. was released in February 2024. Just before the Spring Festival, a more difficult problem appeared in Google Play. Fully compliant products, real developer information, and all information and D&B were completed when registering a company account. Verification passed.

As a result, a removal warning appeared inexplicably in the developer’s backend:

On X day, 2024, your developer account has been removed from Google Play, and all your applications have been removed from Google Play.

What went wrong?

During the process of verifying your organization’s identity, Google found that your organization’s name and/or address does not match your Dun & Bradstreet profile information. The details you have in the Play Console must match the information in your Dun & Bradstreet profile.

To help protect user safety, when Google discovers problems with a developer’s account or the information provided, we will remove the developer’s profile from Google Play and delist the app. To learn more about developer verification, read Play Console requirements or visit the Play Console Help Center. As shown below

The picture language is Chinese

The organization account in this case is a Hong Kong company, registered in November 2023 (as shown below). After being used successfully for about three months, an inexplicable problem occurred.

The picture language is Chinese

After checking the payment information, I found that the Dun & Bradstreet verification disappeared. Compared with the picture above, the column [Deng’s Code] has disappeared, as shown in the picture below

The picture language is Chinese

Subsequently, the author Dunang immediately communicated with the senior team and found out that this problem also occurred in multiple accounts of other developer teams.

According to the author’s inference and analysis, this move is to combat the abuse of false information and illegal account reselling. More details will not be disclosed for the time being.

人工付费咨询是一个非常公平的模式,原则上采取不成功不收费、没效果不收费!对于没有把握解决的问题/或很小的问题导致用户明显不会付费的因素,人工微信可能会采取静默(冷处理)的方式。 我们任何人去医院看医生,无论最后治疗不治疗/有没有治疗效果,都是需要付费挂号甚至是付费检查。有些甚至花钱治疗了都效果不明显,为了保证公平、公正的交易,这边没有把握的问题、或不想接待的问题,默认也可能不回复受理。

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